Teas Rediscovered...

Inspired by the delightful river life of Brisbane, Harmoni-T is a premium herbal tea brand offering a truly exceptional experience of artisan herbal tea drinking. At Harmoni-T, we regard tea with the same care and attention an artist gives to their work. Our teas aren’t known as Earl Grey or English Breakfast, categorised as black or green, and they aren’t left to stew in teapots for hours. Instead, with our expert care and attention to detail, we formulate unique blends to help you escape the daily stresses… Enter a wonderland that will delight your senses, relax in our comfy chairs and surround yourself with twinkling lights and fragrant plants. Welcome to Harmoni-T, a truly exceptional drinking experience and rediscover teas at this corner of wonderland in Surfers Paradise.

Teas Rediscovered...

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A Photographic Destination

As one of the must-visit destinations on the Gold Coast for socialising, dining and drinking, Harmoni-T mixes traditional tea drinking with a contemporary twist, attracting the attention of international photographers and fashion brands! We are creating a cosy yet sophisticated destination for your enjoyment, which is featured in magazines and on fine prints. Share your Harmoni-T moments with family and friends – everyone can be a great photographer when you come and soak up the atmosphere at Harmoni-T.

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